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Best Trinkets for Arcane Mages 4.2

Due to the obscene nerfs to firelands i’m sure a lot of mages are getting their first rag kill this week 🙂 If you did manage to kill rag and were lucky enough for Variable Pulse Lightning capacitor to drop … Continue reading

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MageManaBar: An Arcane Mages Best Friend

Being an Arcane Mage means putting extreme importance on mana management. Wasted mana is a dps loss. One of the challenges of doing this properly is dealing with intellect procs whether they be from trinkets or profession perks. Allow me to introduce … Continue reading

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Arcane blast stealth nerfed? plus some info on possible changes to fire in 4.3

Happy monday mages, Lots of talk going on regarding reduced arcane dps over the weekend. I have heard some rumors from some inside sources blizzard nerfed arcane blast damage by 8%. After doing some target dummy and raiding sessions I … Continue reading

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How to utilize mage ward as an arcane mage

Today I would like to talk about a certain spell that can be quite helpful for keeping yourself alive and also increasing your dps if used properly. Queue the suspense…….. MAGE WARD! Mage ward is an instant cast 30 second … Continue reading

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