How to utilize mage ward as an arcane mage

Today I would like to talk about a certain spell that can be quite helpful for keeping yourself alive and also increasing your dps if used properly. Queue the suspense…….. MAGE WARD!

Mage ward is an instant cast 30 second shield that absorbs x amount of fire, frost, or arcane damage. In addition to possibly keep you from staring the floor if you are specced into Incanter’s absorbtion when your mage ward absorbs damage your spell damage is increased by 20% for 10 seconds. Currently my mage ward has the ability to absorb 8276 fire, frost or arcane damage. That’s 1654 dps increase for 10 seconds.

Although not practical to keep mage ward at 100% uptime as an arcane blast is still a stronger use of gcd here are some examples when i use it.

1) whenever you are moving. You can’t cast arcane blast on the move and most of the time when you are moving its to get out of bad stuff or get to a strategic point of a raid mechanic.

2) a situation like lord rhyloith where when we start the encounter im getting into position for him to stomp and the small adds to come out. I’ll pop mage ward right before the stomp so when the adds come out ive got a nice little dps boost to start.

If anyone has any other good ideas for using mage ward feel free to share. I’m sure all the readers would be thankful.



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Finally a way to change the way your gear looks… With a catch of course

Lots of big news on patch 4.3 today. Apparently patch 4.3 is going to be the last patch of the expansion and we will finally get to fight Death Wing and in some phases on the very back of the dragon itself. The piece of news that really caught my eye though is the Transmogrifier.

The Transmogrifier will allow us to change the looks of our current gear for a small fee with a catch. You can only change the appearance to look like older sets of armor and weapons, and as of right now it appears you need to have both the current and old equipment pieces in your possession to complete the process. I don’t know about you guys but I have never held onto tier gear once I replace it. For anyone who does hold onto their old armor sets you’re in for treat, but for everybody else expect to see a spike in people running old content to reclaim their favorite armor and weapons. I can only imagine all the black temple raids to get the warglaives again 😉

I will be posting some mage specific content later on this evening. Until then have a great afternoon all.


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Why Cast Sequence Macro’s are baaaaaaaaaaaad :)

Arcane Mage Keyboard

Arcane Mage Keyboard

I received an interesting email this afternoon from a reader who asked “what about using a cast sequence macro for the arcane mage conserve phase”. My first initial reaction was I thought I was being trolled pretty hardcore. After emailing back and forth a few times I finally got him to see the light why this is a bad idea. Besides the fact that arcane missiles is a proc and I’m pretty sure you can’t cast sequence a proc, the arcane rotation is as boring as it is. I myself would much rather play fire but I owe it to my raid group to do as much dps as possible, and quite frankly the 3% raid damage buff is much more beneficial than the 5% crit i was offering up with fire.

Using cast sequence macro’s was a practice done back when every class had a set rotation. You could macro together a bunch of spells and spam one button and never miss a gcd. Some people thought it was genius, others thought it created lazy players and ruined the fun of the game. With the release of patch 4.0 most if not all classes switched to a priority based system. With that being said and the movement in cata raids a cast sequence macro is just a bad idea. I find having a few more buttons to push keeps my muscle memory strong and could you imagine literally having 2 buttons to press? I’m already drinking 10 hour powers to keep myself from falling asleep on my keyboard as it is 🙂 For argument’s sake lets say you could successfully put this macro together. Here is a prime example of where it would fail. During your conserve phase there are points where you would want to cast more than 4 arcane blasts. If you got a clearcasting proc for example you would want to fire off another arcane blast not missiles. I seriously believe people would be so bored pressing 11111111111, Evocate…………. 2222222222222 (whoops missed clearcasting. rage!!!) ( I’m sure everyone feels they are doing just this rotation this very moment 🙂 I in fact think making arcane barrage more functional and adding a spell or two to our rotation will only improve the overall gameplay of the spec.

In closing, in no way shape or form am I saying playing arcane is difficult. It’s the easiest spec to play in the game at the moment. The actual rotation is a something my 4-year-old puppy could do. Mastering movement, and mana conservation is the key.

If anyone still uses cast sequence macro’s that they feel are still effective please feel free to share.

Happy raiding everyone,


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Winged Guardian Mount Giveaway (Added Bonuses!)

Hey Guys,

I’m sure everyone is waiting for the 31st to see if they have won the winged guardian. If we can reach 300 twitter followers by the 31st we will hold another raffle at the end of September giving anyone who didn’t win a second chance! Keep the followers coming and thanks again for everyone’s participation!


Winged Guardian Mount Giveaway added bonus

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Reforging made easy using

I hope everyone is having a decent Monday. What I’d like to talk about real quick is something that is very important but is more often than not done incorrectly. In my down time on alts I tend to try to pug into raids and one of the first thing I do is start inspecting the other ranged classes in my group. One of the things I always seem to see is someone who is hitcapped improperly. And when I say improperly I don’t mean not enough hit, but too much. I was in a raid with another mage a few weeks ago who was rolling with 17.12% hit. Now I know what your thinking, its only .12 percent hit whats the big deal? Well I find that where there is smoke there is fire. Sure enough if you continue looking deeper you will find stat priorities aren’t right and they are reforging too much into one stat or just not enough at all into another. is a great tool that can make reforging quick and painless. If you really want to maximize your stats take a few minutes and give it a visit. All you have to do is enter your toon’s name and server and it will pull your most current stats from wow armory. Wowreforge will then launch a grid style listing of all of your equipment. Right underneath is the optimize button, which of course is going to do all the magic to reforge your gear based on the current stat weights it provides. If you look right above the optimize button there are two cap drop down boxes. this is where you can get your hit to exactly 17% and not waste valuable secondary stats overcapping hit. The first cap box should read hit at least 1742. What you want to do is change it from at least to exactly by clicking the drop down box. This will ensure you have the exact hit amount you need. Click the optimize button and then it will display two columns which are called original and local. Original is the reforge you currently have on your gear, and local is what it should be. Just go to your local reforger and reforge everything according to the local column and you should have a perfect hit rating 🙂

You can also adjust stat weights which I will be going over in another article soon for all three mage specs. Until then remember, if you plan to raid make sure your hit is at 17%. Not 16.95%, not 17.12% but 17.00% 🙂

Have a good night all,


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The Legendary Staff And Mages ( World First Staff Completed By An Arcane Mage!)

Congrats to Siiz of Premonition on being the first wow player in the world to acquire the legendary staff Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest. Now that someone actually has the staff we can finally get some real answers on how it works. Lets take a look based on some answers from Siiz himself taken from the wow forums.

First, for all the arcane mages thinking when they crit for over 100k with a 4 stack of arcane blast that dragonwrath will just replicate the crit…. not going to happen (I imagine every arcane mage has a sad panda face at this point 🙂 Although Dragonwrath will cast the same spell again with no travel time when it procs the spell has a chance to crit, hit, or miss, just like any other spell. However, the proc will contribute to your arcane blast stacking. For instance, if an arcane mage is starting his burn phase and building his 4 stack and your staff procs after the 3rd blast you would gain another stack instantly completing your stack and could then go with arcane power.

If a DoT spell causes the proc, Wrath of Tarecgosa is cast instantly and the spell damage is replicated! At this point I would think anyone who is currently still playing fire or has played fire in the past is imagining an impact spread of combustion and watching the damage roll in. Although I don’t have the staff yet you can bet once I acquire it this will be the first thing I try 🙂 Will the staff help narrow the gap between fire and arcane single target? I’m not sure yet but I intend to find out.

The effect of the staff on frost is interesting. The replicated spell will consume FoF charges. If you cast a brain freeze and get a replicated brain freezeand only have one FoF at the time only one would benefit from increased crit. Also, Frostfire orb and flame orb don’t receive any benefit from the staff because it is not considered a direct damage or DoT. Some frost mages are pretty annoyed in the forums regarding the way the staff works with their spec. I think it’s too early to tell if this is something worth being upset about. Remember, these are spells that are doing damage that we would not have had otherwise. Lets get some more data first before saying ” yet another reason we can’t raid as frost.”

If anyone has any questions regarding the staff that weren’t covered here please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to find the answer.

Thanks for reading,


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Winged Guardian Mount Giveaway is giving away a free winged guardian mount. In order to be eligable to win you must be following us on twitter. The winner will be chosen at random from our twitter followers on August 31st. 2011. We will notify the winner via twitter and they will have 24 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond during that time we will pick another winner at random from our twitter followers.

Good Luck!

Winged Guardian Mount Give away!

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