State of Mage is the World of Warcraft internet blog home of Propayne, a mage from Bleeding Hollow. Here I will be blogging about raid strategies, theorycrafting, creating class and gear guides and providing all warcraft mages with a wealth of information to increase their dps and make them better raiders. No matter if you are just getting ready to raid on your mage for the first time, or you are a proven veteran since vanilla wow every reader should find this information useful.

All information that will be blogged about on this site is from countless hours of research and testing to try and give all mages a blueprint to work with to hone their player skills. I am not saying my way is the only way but it works well for me and has helped numerous people who I have talked to.

I hope you all enjoy the content I release and have fun improving your dps and overall raid performance.

Dont stand in bad stuff,



One Response to About

  1. Ryan - aka cephalectomy says:

    looking forward to the guides! working on getting my first mage to 85 and these guides should be great help
    Cephalectomy, aka Bloodrash

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