MageManaBar: An Arcane Mages Best Friend

A great mana management addon for arcane Mages

Being an Arcane Mage means putting extreme importance on mana management. Wasted mana is a dps loss. One of the challenges of doing this properly is dealing with intellect procs whether they be from trinkets or profession perks. Allow me to introduce you all to MageManaBar. This addon will quickly become your new best friend when it comes to dealing with the problems mentioned above. MageManaBar will show you not only your actual mana during a intellect proc but also anticipates your mage armor regeneration. One of the biggest problems I’ve seen with arcane mages is they tend to sometimes evocate a little bit early based on what the ui mana bars are telling them. A lot of the times this is a false reading. For instance Darkmoon Card Volcano adds quite a bit of intellect for a short period of time. Quickly glancing at your mana bar could lead you to believe you are almost to the point where you need to start your conserve phase even though this is not the case. It can also lead to you missing a little extra arcane blast spam if it procs at the beginning of a conserve phase. If you have 100% mana and the darkmoon card procs you can spam all the extra int away till the buff ends and then start a true conserve phase. This happens to me more often than you would think and definitely will lead to some boosted dps overall.

Whenever you are wasting mana MageManaBar will tell you by showing a red portion in the blue bar that is pictured above. It also includes an evocation timer to let you know when to start your burn phase, as well as monitoring if your mage armor buff is up and you have mana gems in your bag for burn phases. I can’ tell you how many times when I first switched from fire that i forgot to make sure I had three mana gems ready to go before a fight. It was really really annoying 🙂 MageManaBar also lets you know when to pop flame orb if you like to use arcane missiles spam to regen mana using mini burn phases. I personally don’t do this, I just use flame orb on cool down but if you like using missiles spam regen this will tell you that as well.

If you aren’t already using this I recommend you download it right away from curse. The link is enclosed below. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments with any other addons you feel can help make mages be more productive.


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4 Responses to MageManaBar: An Arcane Mages Best Friend

  1. Hoofit says:

    This looks like a pretty solid Arcane equivalent to Fire’s Combustion Helper. I will have to try this out some time this week. My mage was arcane for years, then fire at the start of Cata, and is now Arcane again.
    Currently I use Power Auras for all Talent & Trinket procs, mana %, Gem (make/use) alerts, armor, so this in addition may be overkill, but Power Auras isn’t an “out of box & ready to use” like this appears to be.
    While there aren’t a lot of minor changes, some are just different enough that this addon would help during that adjustment period, but seems like a Must-Have for anyone trying Arcane out for the first time.
    Thanks for the tip!

    • Propayne says:

      Believe it or not this addond is written by the same guy who wrote combustion helper. He really does a lot for the mage community and deserves some appreciation. As far as trinket procs go i’m using elvui which does a great job of letting me know when my procs pop and fortxc for my cooldown management. I use power auras to let me know the duration of my arcane power and my moonwell chalice. Makes everything pretty much where i can just concentrate on nuking the boss. I would be glad to share if your interested.

      • Hoofit says:

        I’m going to check those other ones out. At work, many things are blocked unfortunately so they may have to wait. Our guild is quite mage heavy; I’m anxious to see others using this and watch the competition fly 🙂

      • Propayne says:

        yeah im the only mage in our 10 man. the top of the damage meters is very close. damn shadow priests 🙂

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