How to utilize mage ward as an arcane mage

Today I would like to talk about a certain spell that can be quite helpful for keeping yourself alive and also increasing your dps if used properly. Queue the suspense…….. MAGE WARD!

Mage ward is an instant cast 30 second shield that absorbs x amount of fire, frost, or arcane damage. In addition to possibly keep you from staring the floor if you are specced into Incanter’s absorbtion when your mage ward absorbs damage your spell damage is increased by 20% for 10 seconds. Currently my mage ward has the ability to absorb 8276 fire, frost or arcane damage. That’s 1654 dps increase for 10 seconds.

Although not practical to keep mage ward at 100% uptime as an arcane blast is still a stronger use of gcd here are some examples when i use it.

1) whenever you are moving. You can’t cast arcane blast on the move and most of the time when you are moving its to get out of bad stuff or get to a strategic point of a raid mechanic.

2) a situation like lord rhyloith where when we start the encounter im getting into position for him to stomp and the small adds to come out. I’ll pop mage ward right before the stomp so when the adds come out ive got a nice little dps boost to start.

If anyone has any other good ideas for using mage ward feel free to share. I’m sure all the readers would be thankful.



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