Finally a way to change the way your gear looks… With a catch of course

Lots of big news on patch 4.3 today. Apparently patch 4.3 is going to be the last patch of the expansion and we will finally get to fight Death Wing and in some phases on the very back of the dragon itself. The piece of news that really caught my eye though is the Transmogrifier.

The Transmogrifier will allow us to change the looks of our current gear for a small fee with a catch. You can only change the appearance to look like older sets of armor and weapons, and as of right now it appears you need to have both the current and old equipment pieces in your possession to complete the process. I don’t know about you guys but I have never held onto tier gear once I replace it. For anyone who does hold onto their old armor sets you’re in for treat, but for everybody else expect to see a spike in people running old content to reclaim their favorite armor and weapons. I can only imagine all the black temple raids to get the warglaives again 😉

I will be posting some mage specific content later on this evening. Until then have a great afternoon all.


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