Why Cast Sequence Macro’s are baaaaaaaaaaaad :)

Arcane Mage Keyboard

Arcane Mage Keyboard

I received an interesting email this afternoon from a reader who asked “what about using a cast sequence macro for the arcane mage conserve phase”. My first initial reaction was I thought I was being trolled pretty hardcore. After emailing back and forth a few times I finally got him to see the light why this is a bad idea. Besides the fact that arcane missiles is a proc and I’m pretty sure you can’t cast sequence a proc, the arcane rotation is as boring as it is. I myself would much rather play fire but I owe it to my raid group to do as much dps as possible, and quite frankly the 3% raid damage buff is much more beneficial than the 5% crit i was offering up with fire.

Using cast sequence macro’s was a practice done back when every class had a set rotation. You could macro together a bunch of spells and spam one button and never miss a gcd. Some people thought it was genius, others thought it created lazy players and ruined the fun of the game. With the release of patch 4.0 most if not all classes switched to a priority based system. With that being said and the movement in cata raids a cast sequence macro is just a bad idea. I find having a few more buttons to push keeps my muscle memory strong and could you imagine literally having 2 buttons to press? I’m already drinking 10 hour powers to keep myself from falling asleep on my keyboard as it is 🙂 For argument’s sake lets say you could successfully put this macro together. Here is a prime example of where it would fail. During your conserve phase there are points where you would want to cast more than 4 arcane blasts. If you got a clearcasting proc for example you would want to fire off another arcane blast not missiles. I seriously believe people would be so bored pressing 11111111111, Evocate…………. 2222222222222 (whoops missed clearcasting. rage!!!) ( I’m sure everyone feels they are doing just this rotation this very moment 🙂 I in fact think making arcane barrage more functional and adding a spell or two to our rotation will only improve the overall gameplay of the spec.

In closing, in no way shape or form am I saying playing arcane is difficult. It’s the easiest spec to play in the game at the moment. The actual rotation is a something my 4-year-old puppy could do. Mastering movement, and mana conservation is the key.

If anyone still uses cast sequence macro’s that they feel are still effective please feel free to share.

Happy raiding everyone,


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2 Responses to Why Cast Sequence Macro’s are baaaaaaaaaaaad :)

  1. Tyler says:

    Play fire if you like it imo. I use it, because I feel that Arcane has the same buttons as the cannons on the ICC airship fight, and that’s just boring. Fire has a nice “rotation” that allows you to press many buttons.

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