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I hope everyone is having a decent Monday. What I’d like to talk about real quick is something that is very important but is more often than not done incorrectly. In my down time on alts I tend to try to pug into raids and one of the first thing I do is start inspecting the other ranged classes in my group. One of the things I always seem to see is someone who is hitcapped improperly. And when I say improperly I don’t mean not enough hit, but too much. I was in a raid with another mage a few weeks ago who was rolling with 17.12% hit. Now I know what your thinking, its only .12 percent hit whats the big deal? Well I find that where there is smoke there is fire. Sure enough if you continue looking deeper you will find stat priorities aren’t right and they are reforging too much into one stat or just not enough at all into another. is a great tool that can make reforging quick and painless. If you really want to maximize your stats take a few minutes and give it a visit. All you have to do is enter your toon’s name and server and it will pull your most current stats from wow armory. Wowreforge will then launch a grid style listing of all of your equipment. Right underneath is the optimize button, which of course is going to do all the magic to reforge your gear based on the current stat weights it provides. If you look right above the optimize button there are two cap drop down boxes. this is where you can get your hit to exactly 17% and not waste valuable secondary stats overcapping hit. The first cap box should read hit at least 1742. What you want to do is change it from at least to exactly by clicking the drop down box. This will ensure you have the exact hit amount you need. Click the optimize button and then it will display two columns which are called original and local. Original is the reforge you currently have on your gear, and local is what it should be. Just go to your local reforger and reforge everything according to the local column and you should have a perfect hit rating πŸ™‚

You can also adjust stat weights which I will be going over in another article soon for all three mage specs. Until then remember, if you plan to raid make sure your hit is at 17%. Not 16.95%, not 17.12% but 17.00% πŸ™‚

Have a good night all,


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