The Legendary Staff And Mages ( World First Staff Completed By An Arcane Mage!)

Congrats to Siiz of Premonition on being the first wow player in the world to acquire the legendary staff Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest. Now that someone actually has the staff we can finally get some real answers on how it works. Lets take a look based on some answers from Siiz himself taken from the wow forums.

First, for all the arcane mages thinking when they crit for over 100k with a 4 stack of arcane blast that dragonwrath will just replicate the crit…. not going to happen (I imagine every arcane mage has a sad panda face at this point 🙂 Although Dragonwrath will cast the same spell again with no travel time when it procs the spell has a chance to crit, hit, or miss, just like any other spell. However, the proc will contribute to your arcane blast stacking. For instance, if an arcane mage is starting his burn phase and building his 4 stack and your staff procs after the 3rd blast you would gain another stack instantly completing your stack and could then go with arcane power.

If a DoT spell causes the proc, Wrath of Tarecgosa is cast instantly and the spell damage is replicated! At this point I would think anyone who is currently still playing fire or has played fire in the past is imagining an impact spread of combustion and watching the damage roll in. Although I don’t have the staff yet you can bet once I acquire it this will be the first thing I try 🙂 Will the staff help narrow the gap between fire and arcane single target? I’m not sure yet but I intend to find out.

The effect of the staff on frost is interesting. The replicated spell will consume FoF charges. If you cast a brain freeze and get a replicated brain freezeand only have one FoF at the time only one would benefit from increased crit. Also, Frostfire orb and flame orb don’t receive any benefit from the staff because it is not considered a direct damage or DoT. Some frost mages are pretty annoyed in the forums regarding the way the staff works with their spec. I think it’s too early to tell if this is something worth being upset about. Remember, these are spells that are doing damage that we would not have had otherwise. Lets get some more data first before saying ” yet another reason we can’t raid as frost.”

If anyone has any questions regarding the staff that weren’t covered here please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to find the answer.

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